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Emergency Response Job Leads for
Trades Business Owners

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During the signup process You will be required to go through the following 5 steps

  • Enter basic information about your business with your unique email address
  • Check your email and you will be asked to verify your account to ensure you are the owner of the email address and asked to setup your own password
  • You will be asked to login with your email and password credentials and setup your account by simply following the prompts on the page and upload the following documents:
    • Company Registration Document (mandatory)
    • Liability Insurance (mandatory)
    • Others but not mandatory at this stage
  • Once the step 3 is done, our on-boarding team will review your credentials and approve the account within 24-48 hours and notify you via email. While we are working on this, feel free to go through the training videos and familiarise with our platform.
  • Once we approve, you are ready to use. Note: You are always welcome to send sms or WhatsApp messages via 0466 695 380 (i4T Support) or chat with us
    (via our website )
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is COVID-19 Emergency Response Centre?

The COVID-19 Emergency Response Centre module is a simplified mechanism connecting businesses/consumers and trades businesses with a one-step SMS response to any trades related repairs and maintenance requests (i.e. Plumbing, Electrical, Cleaning, General Maintenance, etc.) anywhere in Australia.

What is the relationship between i4Tradies and my Trades Association?

Trades Associations are already in partnership with i4Tradies and recommend its customer experience management platform to their members.

How does i4Tradies Emergency Response Center work for Trades Association Members?

This is a simplified job lead generation mechanism efficiently connecting you as a trades business with residential or commercial clients in your local area. As a member of your Trades Association, you will have access to i4T Emergency Response Job Lead dashboard to accept new jobs irrespective of which job management platform you use.

How do I qualify for using i4T Emergency Response Centre?

In order for you to start getting new job leads from i4T Emergency Response, you need to sign up for the service by providing your business registration certificate, liability insurance and COVID-19 certification. Upon validation of your documents, you will be confirmed as an eligible and trusted trades business to receive job leads.

How will I access the leads sent to me via i4T Emergency Response Center (i4T ERC)?

Once you have successfully signed up for using i4T Emergency Response Center, you will be given access to a dashboard with a username and password. Upon logging in, you will be able to access the new leads sent via the i4T ERC. You will be also alerted via SMS.

How will I be charged for using i4T Emergency Response Center?

The subscription fee for i4T Emergency Response Center is waved-off through the entire Covid-19 recovery period, which is currently expected to last until August/September 2020. Your accepted job lead will cost $5.00+GST per lead. Note that your Trade association may also waive or discount the lead generated costs. Please refer to your offer letter sent during the registration process.

How will I be charged per Job leads?

Every Job Lead you claim will cost $5.00+GST. However, if you a member of an Association, you may be given a discount. Please refer to your association offer letter.

How many others in the area are allowed to get the leads?

All trades business with a service category and job location matching customer job request will be notified of the new lead coming in. The first one to accept the request will be awarded the new job.

How many jobs am I allowed to take per day?

Trades business will be allowed to accept a maximum of 3 jobs per 90 minutes to allow fair distribution between trades businesses operating in the same location. This allotment of jobs might change based on the number of jobs available in your area of service.

What types of jobs will I be getting?

You will get jobs based on the service categories you have chosen and the location you have selected at the time of signing up. Your service category and location will be matched with customer’s job description.

How long will this program continue?

While the i4T Emergency Response Center has been created in the wake of the current COVID-19 situation and the impact businesses are feeling as a result of it, we intend to continue the program even after the recovery period is over.

How will this program be advertised?

i4Tradies Emergency Response Center will be jointly marketed between i4Tradies and Trades Associations to the general public via online social media, TV, radio and print media channels and state and government sources to let the wider community to know about it.