10 Steps to become a customer focused 'Techno-Tradie' using i4Tradies

10 Steps to become a customer focused Techno-Tradie using i4Tradies

Technology is pushing businesses towards a customer driven economy, whether they are ready for it or not!

Imagine yourself in a time machine that takes you 5 years ahead into the future.

Your Trades Services customers are no longer calling in to book a service or waiting for hours before you could get back to them. Instead they have an app where they can look you up, ask for a quote and get an instant response on their mobile device. That’s not all! They can keep track of work progress and provide real-time feedback on your service. You no longer have to send manual invoices, handle daunting paperwork on the weekends or spend time promoting your business online, because now everything is digitised and automated.

You have truly become a techno-tradie of the future!

But guess what! It’s not the future! It’s the present! And i4Tradies is the app that has made all this a reality!

With technology changing customer expectations towards the businesses they deal with, well-established Trades Services brands must evolve quickly to avoid losing footing to leaner startups.

Today’s tech-savvy customers expect businesses to deliver:

  • Highly personalised communication at every touchpoint
  • Simple and straight forward solution to their problems
  • Complete visibility about prices, processes and progress
  • Fast accessibility to information, anywhere, anytime.
  • Ability to share their experiences with family and friends

i4Tradies, is one such high-tech Customer Experience Management Tradie software that can help you take charge of your trades services business in a way that’s not only customer-centric but also streamlines processes and generates new business leads.

Here are 10 ways i4Traides can help fulfill your tech-savvy customers growing expectations and run your business smarter.

1. Requesting a Job made simple

Request a Job

i4Tradies allows Trades Services customers to skim through profiles of hundreds of registered service providers in their local area and select the best one based on customer ratings and business credibility.

Customers can send in a request for quote along with images and description of the job that needs to be completed.

2. Sending customers an instant response

Based on the job description and the image, Trades Services business owners can know the exact nature of the job and hence provide more precise quotes to the customer.

That's not all! The job description makes it possible for tradies to arrive at the job location well-prepared, saving them tons of time and money they might otherwise lose moving back and forth getting the right tools.

instant response

3. Assigning the job to the right employee

Assigning the job

As a Tradie employee management app, using i4Tradies integration to location maps (eg. Google Maps), Trades Services business owners know which employee is closest to a given customer location and can assign the job right away.

Cutting out the commute time, on-the-road tradies can reach customer location faster and deliver jobs more efficiently, resulting in customer satisfaction.

4. Scheduling jobs for the future

With the ability to schedule upcoming jobs on your calendar, i4Tradies works equally well as job management software making sure that you don’t miss another customer appointment or arrive late at the job location.

Respecting your customer’s time is a big part of building stronger relationships.

Scheduling jobs

5. Travelling faster to customer location

customer location

Moving from one job to the next, i4Tradies customer management software lets your customers keep tabs on where their tradie is on the map and how soon should they expect him to arrive.

Your customers now know that their tradie is on his way sparing them of the anxiety they would experience otherwise.

6. Efficiently starting the job

Your customers want to stay on top of their jobs! That’s exactly what i4Tradies helps your achieve.

The tradie on job site can take an image of the job before he begins working on it and in the meanwhile notifies customers as well as the tradie business owner, ensuring that the company is delivering on its service promise.

starting the job

7. Keeping track of job progress

job progress

Ever wondered how can your customers keep track of their job’s progress, especially when they are not around? Being a cloud platform accessible anywhere, anytime, i4Tradies makes it possible for customers to know which stage their job is in and how well it is progressing.

8. Completing the job to perfection

With i4Tradies, Trades Services employees can finish the job with complete evidence using images before the job was started and after it was completed.

Completing the job

9. Invoicing the customers on job location


Forget manual invoicing and chasing late payments long after the job has been delivered!

i4Tradies serves as a great invoice software for trades services industry allowing Trades Services employees to invoice the customers with transparent costing of items and hours worked, right on the job location as soon as the job is completed!

10. Scalability and growth based on job history

From the types of jobs they are undertaking, to the customers and locations they serve and the feedback they receive, i4Tradies allows Trades Services business owners to maintain every aspect of their job history for future reference, legal compliance as well as taking corrective action in real time.

Additionally, the ability for the service provider and the customers to share their jobs on leading social media networks hugely benefits company’s branding turning loyal customers into brand advocates and establishing the business as a trusted provider in their target market.



Thanks to today’s social, local, mobile and cloud technology, managing your Trades Services Business the tech savvy way and making your business highly customer-centric is now possible.

i4Tradies helps businesses build trust and generate new leads within their targeted community, through business process improvement, realtime business insights and added flexibility through ability to make decision based on realtime performance updates.

As a techno-tradie of the future, i4Tradies Field Management Software allows you to work smarter not harder to delight your customers and grow your business at the same time!

As a techno-tradie of the future, i4Tradies Field Management Software allows you to work smarter not harder to delight your customers and grow your business at the same time!


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