10 Things That will Stop Trades Business Emails Landing in the Spam Folder

Trades Business Email Spamming

Think of a situation where one of your trades business customers is waiting for an urgent email from you. What if the email you send goes into their Spam folder? You would be in trouble and also it reflects negatively on your professionalism.

Do you want to take your trades business to the next level? When trades businesses aspire to take the next step, many difficulties crop up. Spam law is one of them. Some countries may have tricky regulations in place. If you breach them, you will even be subject to high fines or even criminal penalties. Spam still accounts for 56% of all email traffic despite international regulations.

Spam emails cause chaos to trades businesses and their clients. Excessive email traffic, unrecoverable labour costs and server overloads are some of them. Spam helps immensely in fraudulent activities. The 2 most common occurrences are delivering malware and stealing confidential data. Imagine that an incident where stealing of confidential data happens; so it will be disastrous for your business and ultimately you may lose customers as a result.

What Is Australia’s Spam Act Of 2003?

Australia’s Spam Act of 2003 prohibits the sending of unsolicited commercial electronic messages. The legislation covers all messages originating from Australia or targeting an Australian address.

Here are 10 things that you can do as a trades business owner to prevent emails landing in the spam folder;

Prevent Trades Business Email Spamming

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