5 Intelligent ways to keep Good Jobs Flowing Regularly to your Trades Business

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Not every day is the same. As a Tradie, there are days when your hands are so full, you don’t have time to stop and breathe for a second. Other days, your staff is sitting idle as you struggle to find work.

As someone who has spent years working alongside Tradies, providing help and advice on the best field management and business process practices, the need for work is one of the most common Tradie rants I’ve come across among small businesses.

Yet most Tradies know very little about how to win new work, retain their existing clients and keep good jobs flowing regularly even during bad economic times.

Drastic situations call for drastic measures, and if things are not going as well as you want them to, may be its time for you to reevaluate your business processes.

It’s time you transform the way you run your business and give customers the flexibility and ease to make payments faster.

1. Quote Precisely and Promptly

No one likes to be waiting. If someone is reaching out to you they want their problem solved right now!

A quote is your first contact with a potential customer and doing it precisely, promptly and professionally can be the sole reason why a customer decides to give you the job.

Make sure you not only get back to them fast, but also try to be as thorough as possible in terms of giving them price breakdowns rather than simply giving the total cost of the job.

Doing so manually can be tough. As a customer experience management platform, i4Tradies allows you to send detailed quotes to customers, with precise estimates of job duration, start date and time, and a cost breakdown, justifying the quote.

Send Instant Quotes

Once sent, don’t leave the lead to turn cold. Follow up the quote with a phone call or email, to increase your chances of getting the work.

2. Seamless Communication is the key

As a Tradie, it’s easy to get caught up with a job for much longer than you expected. But that doesn’t have to happen at the expense of keeping other customers waiting.

Not showing up when promised can ruin your hard earned reputation and you would most likely be giving up the opportunity to leave a great first impression.

However when you use a customer experience management platform like i4Tradies, you can keep customers in the loop as the job starts and progresses. Be it about informing them about the employee that will arrive at their door step, an issue about the supplies or a job put on hold for some reason. The idea is to not to keep them in the dark, but to help them take charge with all the information they need.

Communicating every step of the job as it progresses gives customers the feeling that they are in control and hence improves the overall quality of their experiences with your business, increasing the chances of doing business with you again!

Job In Progress

3. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Reviews

It takes a long time to build a good name and seconds to destroy it.

Word of mouth is still the most common source of new business for Tradies and potentially one of the most important things customers look for when hiring someone to get a job done.

So if you have delivered a good job, why shy away from asking your customers to rate your service? Better yet, make it simpler and faster for them by prompting them to leave a review at the time you invoice them.

When looking for a Tradie in their local area via i4Tradies, customers can then look up ratings and reviews of your business to make an informed decision prior to hiring.

This can be a great business differentiator, as now you are not competing on who gives out the lowest quote but purely on customer satisfaction and quality of your work.

The more positive reviews you have, the better your chances of winning more work.

Customer Review

4. Supplement your Online Presence

If you are few years into your business, you might already have considered getting a website and a social media page dedicated to your business to get more work. But everyone else is doing that, aren’t they? And if that’s not working well enough, its time you looked at some smarter options.

A great way to connect with potential customers is via online Tradie listing websites like ‘Find My Tradies’.

This is a free lead generation platform for Tradies, where you can list your business and your business name will pop up if a customer’s job request details (job type and location) matches your business description, helping you attract more work.

Find My Tradies

Additionally you can join online communities and network with mates that can help you find new work. Tradie Life is one such Facebook group that lets you connect with seasoned Trades business owners in your industry, so you can seek advice on literally anything that matters to you as a Tradie

Tradie Life

5. Let your work do the talking

How well are you leveraging social media to show case the work you are doing? Are you telling stories to educate your customers and sharing your experiences on a given day on job site?

A great way to build customer trust in your service is to show them what you are capable of delivering and nothing beats posting great before and after pictures of your work.

Burst Pipe Replacement by PAD Plumbing

But it does not end there.

Your business’ image across all offline and online channels needs to align and tell the same story. Licenses, certificates and insurance are some of the other factors that can help build customer trust in your service. They should be easily accessible to customers to help them know that the Tradie they are dealing with is reliable.

It’s time to secure some quality, profitable work for your business!

A lot of time, money and consideration goes into winning good work and maintaining a great Tradie-client relationship.

The key is to understand that the better the experience they have with your business the more likely you will be able to not only secure new leads but also turn them into repeat customers.

As a customer experience management platform, i4Tradies can help you:

  • Promptly respond to their request with a reasonable quote
  • Be transparent in all your communication with them
  • Leverage word of mouth marketing by collecting customer reviews
  • Clearly state your terms of trade on your quotes as well as your invoices.
  • Ensure to rate your client after every job so that your company doesn’t get involved with late/no payment customers!

In addition, you need to choose multiple channels to promote your services and your customer pipeline will never run dry

Sporadic work can be stressful for Trades business owners. Nonetheless, adopting a few smart ways of effectively dealing with customers and transforming the old ways of getting the word around to new technology driven marketing methods, can strengthen customer trust in your business and keep the new jobs coming in.

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