5 Ways to Ensure Your Trades Business is a Success Even without You

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How many times have you wished that you did not have to follow up with your employees on every single job, get called to site whenever something goes wrong, or personally track down late payments from customers?

These little things are just part of your everyday business operations, yet they soak up so much time and you wish you could have a break for once. But letting go off the reins is not always easy. Most often than not, it means you also let go off the quality checks and customer service that have held up your business until now.

The secret lies in planning ahead and thinking long-term, so even if you are not ready today to let someone else run your business while you enjoy a well-deserved break, you are at least moving in the right direction to make that happen someday.

1. Bring out leaders from within your team

Good employees are hard to find, so when you do find one, don’t let them go. Give them regular performance based incentives and build them up so they can take on bigger challenges.

Defining a supervisor or leadership role within your company is important so you don’t have to manage every single thing. There may be a lot of employees that have stuck with you for more than 5 years. You are familiar with their competencies so it’s about time to sit down with them and ask them how they feel about taking on a new role. Make sure both of you are on the same page with respect to company’s success. If so, start delegating and let them enjoy ownership of everything that comes with the role. Yes there will be mistakes, but it will happen while you are still there as they train for the time you are away.

2. Build a common company culture

If you want satisfied customers and standards to prevail while you are not there to check every single job, a common company culture is what gels everything and everyone together.

Responsibility and purpose can be one of the biggest motivators. Having a team with ingrained company values and sharing the same vision that you have for the company is priceless. But what would those values be? Leading by example can be very inspiring. From little things like arriving first and leaving last, being friendly and reliable, lending a shoulder when someone needs one, or simply have each other’s back when the going gets tough can eventually add up to build stronger team bonding working towards a single goal without being constantly told so.

3. Set forth processes and KPIs to follow

Chaos is a result of unclear lines of action.

When you have pre-defined standards, it’s hard for people to deviate from them. Put processes in place that your team will find easy to step into and follow with minimum supervision or control. This way, even when you are away, your business can operate just as well.

You cannot measure business success without KPIs whether it’s being run by you or supervised by someone else while you are away. Mutual understanding on processes like following up on quotes within next 24 hours, sending invoices within 2 days of job completion and incentives on achieving KPIs can all set expectations from the start and will continue well after you are gone.

4. Do not skimp on resources

Give your team the resources they need before you go. Rather than having bottlenecks at work, be clear on what resources they have access to and what gets replaced when. For example tools or workwear bought out of tool allowances if lost or damaged in less than a year, new ones will have to be paid out of their own pocket.

5. Introduce systems that let you track progress on the go

You may have come a long way from micromanaging every little bit to trusting your new team supervisor to lead the way in your absence, but doing this for the first time can still be stressful. However, introducing a cloud-based job management platform that tracks and records all jobs completed in real-time can give you peace of mind knowing that all is going smoothly.

Being able to overview daily scheduled jobs and go through customer feedbacks can be a simple way to know if your team is really delivering the kind of service that your business is known for.


Putting the reins of your hard-built business in someone else’s hands even for a day sounds scary, even crazy to be honest if you have not done that before. So start small. Identify tasks that don’t really have to have your attention all the time and begin to delegate to get that unnecessary weight off your shoulders. Put the right systems, process and resources in place and get confidence that things will get done as expected. Finally, build a culture where employees can put aside individual goals and care for business success as a whole.

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