9 Questions Answered before You Begin Your i4Tradies Journey

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Investing in cloud technology is a big decision. One that not just puts you on a learning curve as you spend time and try to absorb new ways of running your business but also in financial terms. It’s not a one-off thing, rather a journey whereby you are investing your time and money towards future growth and sustainability of your business.

So as you take the first step towards transforming your business workflow and improving customer experience by signing up for i4Tradies, we want to make sure we address the plethora of questions that might be popping up in your mind as you embark on this journey with us.

After going through over hundreds of on-boarding sessions with our clients, we have made a list of questions that we get asked most frequently and we hope here you get the answers to some of yours too!

1. Why do I need i4Tradies when there are already other apps available?

Great question! i4Tradies might not be the first workflow management app you have signed up for but it definitely will be the last. Why? In addition to just being a business management tool that allows you to quote, schedule, track, invoice and receive payments, i4Tradies serves as a single cloud-based app that the business owner, employees and customers all can use to collaborate and stay connected at every step of the service-delivery value chain all the way to social media sharing and job rating.

This is the reason why i4Tradies is the number 1 choice of some of the most reputed organisations like Master Plumbers VIC, Master Painters VIC/NSW/Queensland, MadeComfy and McGrath Real Estate.

2. Why do my employees need to use the app?

As a business owner, it can be hard for you to juggle between different jobs among different employees and keep track of work progress. However, by setting up an employee account with i4T Employee App and giving your employees the access to use it, you can not only assign new in-coming jobs to the right employee but also schedule it on the simple drag and drop calendar format. That’s not all. The ability to track your employees’ location on the map, keeps you updated regarding which job they are working on at a given point in time.

Employees can keep the main office in the loop by updating the job status as it starts, progresses and finishes and also take before and after images to upload to the app in order to visually record the job for future reference and proof.

3. Does it offer integration with other softwares like Xero and MYOB

Yes it does! The best thing about i4Tradies is that it offers seamless integration with your existing accounting software so syncing invoices you have created using i4Tradies to Xero or MYOB is a breeze. Similarly payments received on the job are automatically updated in Xero and vice versa keeping you on top of your cash flows all the time.

This saves you from manual entry of data in two different places, avoiding potential duplication and errors as a result of it and making life much simpler.

4. What does the on-boarding session entail?

Very important!

Once you register to use i4Tradies, you will be requested to submit a copy of your Trade License and Public Liability Insurance Certificate to us. Your submitted documents will go through a verification process and once the verification is completed your account with i4Tradies will be created.

You will use the user name and password for this account to access the app, during the training session that will follow shortly.

We will hand-hold you during an individual one-on-one training session in which you will be given a detailed demo of how i4Tradies will work to benefit your business, your employees and your customers. You are welcome to raise any questions you may have during the session, and we would be more than happy to help you out.

The training will be followed up by a series of how-to training videos sent to you via email to further clarify all the features and the set up process.

You can start using the actual app the very next day after the training. Congratulations and welcome aboard!

5. What kind of support is available?

We understand that issues with the system can slow you down. So as a crucial part our company-wide best practices we have put in place our support desk to ensure a proactive and prompt response to your requests, enquiries and feedback.

Our support system will allow you to raise issues by emailing to support@i4Tradies.com.au or sending Feedback directly from the i4Tradies platform.

The support timings will be from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Once we have received your issue, you will get an acknowledgement email for the same and our support team will start taking action on your request within 4 to 8 hours after being received.

However, if you feel that your request needs to be addressed on an urgent basis, our support team is still available 24/7 so feel free to start a chat with us on our website: www.i4Tradies.com.au or give us a call at: 1300 543 990

6. How many people are already using i4Tradies

i4Tradies is already being used by over 100 companies, employing over 500 tradies and serving more than 1000 customers. Companies that have chosen i4Tradies mostly include members of highly reputable and credible organisations such as Master Plumbers Australia, Master Painters VIC/NSW/Queensland, MadeComfy and McGrath Real Estate.

If you wish, we can provide you with referrals of our existing clients, so you can talk directly to them about the benefits they have been reaping since using i4Tradies.

You can also check out some of our client testimonial videos below:

7. What if I need a feature that is not available?

i4Tradies is born out of our passion to serve the trades services industry better. We are constantly adding new features to help improve our clients’ user experience and make i4Tradies the best fit for their evolving business needs.

We listen to your suggestions and if the request is a feasible one, we work on incorporating the new feature in the next version of the app.

Once the feature is added, you will be informed of the same and will be requested to update your app to the latest version to start using it.

8. How often are maintenance upgrades made?

Our Quality Assurance team is working round the clock to keep the system running glitch free and as smoothly as possible.

Hence, fixes, enhancement and minor feature additions are carried out on weekly basis. To make sure that the system is fully functional while you and your team are in the field, the i4Tradies Business App goes down for maintenance only during evenings, approximately for 1 hour at 9:00 PM AEST and all users are informed a day prior to the upgrade.

9. How does the pricing work?

Possibly one of the most frequently asked questions but we left it to the last.

We all want the best value for our money and it’s only fair. How about if we tell you that if you don’t receive or complete a job, you pay nothing.

That’s right!

We pride ourselves as being a Pay-as-you-Benefit solution provider because we believe in sharing the good and the bad times with you.

No monthly fee. No locked-in contracts. No up-front charges. Just $1 when you add or receive a job and $4 when you complete it using i4Tradies.

So pay us only when you benefit.

Sounds good?

Check out more about i4Tradies Pricing Plans.

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