9 powerful ways trades business owners can boost team motivation

Make sure your team believes in the company’s vision and gets tangible and intangible support when they need it
Make sure your team believes in the company’s vision and gets tangible and intangible support when they need it

Running a one-man show is one thing. Running a trades business with a team is a different ball game altogether! You not only need to learn some leadership skills but also need to build a culture that’s open and rewarding.

While you take off with the goal to grow the business with a carefully selected crew, the lads can soon lose all team motivation at the hands of a bad company culture that doesn’t treat the members well.

, so when you have got one make sure you go out of your way to keep them happy and fired up!

To address this we asked our tradie community on Facebook Tradie Life and here’s what they have to say!

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1. Let them have ownership of the good and the bad

Practice the leadership skill of empowering your team and thank yourself later.

Autonomy comes in all shapes and sizes, but this is the best way to make your team members feel that you have complete faith in them. When they know that you have trusted them with a job, they take responsibility of whatever good or bad comes out of it, and hence try to deliver their best.

Giving your team a certain level of autonomy will also ensure that your trades business is a success even without you.

2. Small words of appreciation can go a long way

You would be surprised to see how recognition as simple as saying “You’ve done a great job” can fire up team motivation and keep them pushing to bring out the best in whatever they do.

Besides individually giving them a pat on their back, make it a point to show your appreciation during staff meetings or company emails. By making the praise public, the impact becomes much more powerful.

3. Reward with food days

. And what better way there can be to keep team motivation high with a tangible form of appreciation that also happens to be delicious!

I’ll drop a hint. You can never go wrong with a pizza, especially on a s**t week, can you?

As noted in the Science of Us, “Feed the hungry masses, and then say nice things about them as they chew.”

Treating your employees to lunches or dinners is also a great way to catch up with them, opening more ways of finding out what motivates them on a personal level.

4. Offer performance bonuses

You have said the magic words, but now it’s time to show your employees that you actually value their contributions.

One good idea is to start the year with an X amount of annual bonus. If the team members perform well, what you promised is all theirs. If they don’t, they get a cut from it. Fair enough!

5. Introduce processes that make life easier

Don’t become a boss who blames employees for their own good-for-nothing business model. Rather, get a business management app for tradies to step up and lead the way to make your trades employees’ life simpler.

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6. Keep checking on the lads

Having one-on-one conversations really shows how much you care about your team. A business that is built on a culture that looks after its people is always filled with positivity.

Talk to every employee on a personal level and make sure that they are happy. If there is something bothering them, see to it that it gets resolved.

There is no asset more valuable than a team of satisfied employees.

7. Let them have a break

If someone is not feeling their 100%, let them have an early day. Let them make fun of the boss once in a while. Don’t punish mistakes ‘cause we all make them.

8. Offer a career, not a job

Your employees need to know where are they headed next and what opportunities for growth lie ahead of them. Set up a career trajectory for your team so the next time an employee helps full a company goal, they know a promotion awaits them.

9. Get your team involved in important decisions

Regular personal and professional development will prepare your team for future roles. Get your team to participate in building a vision for the company. Let them make decisions that matter and let them own the consequences. Ask for their feedback on the company systems and processes and let them know that their opinions are welcomed. Help them build such goals for the company, that everyone, including them can benefit from.

Wrapping up

Being a boss is one thing, being a leader is another. Trades business owners that focus on team motivation also need to polish up their leadership skills, to inspire people every day so they become better and give everything their best shot.

Make sure your team believes in the company’s vision and gets tangible and intangible support when they need it. When this happens, team motivation is bound to follow!

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