COVID-19 Training for Trades Businesses Can Boost Customer Confidence When Hiring

COVID 19 Training

While a lot of the industries are witnessing a state of chaos with no work amid the lockdown, tradies are considered essential services and the hit trades businesses have taken amid the COVID-19, is not as bad.

Still, tradies are experiencing a drop in new jobs coming in as consumers become more cautious of whether to let them in their homes or not.

It’s time to adapt in order to stay ahead

In these circumstances, it’s up to you how your turn this challenge into an opportunity for growth for your business.

As a trades business owner, you need to adapt to the ever evolving situation and take every measure to put your customers’ mind at peace when hiring you for a new job.

It’s time to go the extra mile to show that you care.

The role we can play together!

i4Tradies has been a strong advocate of providing a compliant service to trades consumers, with complete transparency in terms of business certificates that help boost customer trust when hiring.

Besides enabling business owners to run their day to day operations from home with online quoting, job monitoring, invoicing and accepting payments, we are also constantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and the impact it’s having on the trades community in general.

Taking the same goal a step further in light of the current circumstances, we strongly urge you to register and undergo the government announced 30 minute COVID-19 infection control online training module.

Once the training ends, you will be required to take a quiz and claim your certificate of completion which you can add to your existing trades certificates in the i4Tradies app, making them available for customers to go through when hiring your services.

COVID-19 training certificate can be your point of difference

For tradies businesses, the training is the perfect chance to showcase their business in a positive light and stand out from the crowd.

  • Adding your COVID-19 Training Certificate to your i4Tradies business account will make your residential and commercial clients more confident when hiring you for their next repairs and maintenance job.
  • This will not only deliver peace of mind to your customers but also strengthen your brand image as a socially responsible business.
  • When the dust settles down and things are back to normal, you will be seen as a business that did not shy away from doing their bit in keeping customer safety their top priority.

Wrapping up

It’s time to understand that there are still instances when home owners have no other option than to hire a tradie such as for emergencies, DIYs gone wrong or work that only a licensed professional can do.

In those instances, customers need to have peace of mind, knowing they are dealing with a COVID-19 certified professional, who will take every measure to keep their family and their property safe.

We sincerely hope that we see each other doing even better than before at the other end. Meanwhile, stay well and safe.

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