i4Tradies SMS Hotline 0448 422 422 Connects Tradies And Consumers Amidst Pandemic

i4Tradies SMS Hotline 0448 422 422 Connects Tradies And Consumers
                            Amidst Pandemic

We thought the worst was behind us.

However, news outlets across the world and Twitter are ablaze with news updates that beg to differ.

The effects of COVID are still felt all over Australia, with some states like Victoria worse off than others.

Businesses have felt the brunt of the economic turmoil and some trades service providers are among the worst affected.

COVID has redefined people’s behaviour to the level that we have to think twice before sitting next to someone, let alone hire a tradie to attend to some home improvement work.

Therefore, many trades service providers continue to experience a drop in demand. Social restrictions make it nearly impossible to get jobs.

Economic turmoil and health concerns prompt homeowners to postpone trade work jobs to a later time. “Let’s look at it when things get better”, they say.

COVID has also given rise to the “DIY aficionado”. Armed with YouTube videos and blogs many inexperienced people have taken it upon themselves to undertake home improvement projects. .

Not only is this expensive in the long-run, it can also be dangerous!

Projects relating to plumbing, electricity and even construction must always be left to the professionals. As far as I am concerned, this is non-negotiable. And believe me, I used to be DIY-er too!

In order to enable homeowners and families to stay safe, and also access certified professional tradies, in May, we partnered with MessageMedia,Master Plumbers NSW, Master Painters NSW & ACT and National Electrical and Communication Associations (NECA NSW, QLD and ACT) to add a new component to i4Tradies - the Emergency Response Centre Hotline (ERC).

While i4Tradies was built to make life easier for trade services providers, property managers, homeowners and tradies, ERC takes things a step further.

Let me explain.

Consider a generic home improvement situation:

A customer will often spend days or even weeks trying to find suitable professionals, contacting them, obtaining quotes, making comparisons and deciding whom to go with.

Now, throw COVID into the mix!

Delays. Frustration. Fear. Chaos!

This is where the ERC is a game changer.

It’s use is two-fold.

Using MessageMedia’s bulk SMS services, SMS automation and dedicated number 0448 422 422, ERC:

  • Helps busy, stressed-out customers find certified, trustworthy trades service providers near them, and
  • Empowers trades service businesses to book more jobs by eliminating the hassle of finding a tradie off customers’ backs.

All through the power of SMS!

If you’re a homeowner, here’s how the i4Tradies ERC minimises hiring stress:

For starters, when faced with a home repair situation type in:

  1. The nature of your problem in brief (e.g. I have a blocked kitchen sink)
  2. Your postcode

Send the SMS to our ERC hotline - 0448 422 422.

You will then get a link, which you can click to sign up for i4Tradies and add more detail about the problem.

However, if time is of the essence, you can ignore this. When the link is not clicked within a short time period, your query is automatically sent to an ERC agent who will call you to get more details and then connect you with a suitable trades professional.

When we’ve found the right person (or company for the job, you’ll get a SMS confirming that a service provider will be in touch shortly.

The entire process takes just 2 hours at most!

Compare this with hours and days spent contacting businesses, gathering quotes, making comparisons etc!

To get started, text your immediate home improvement issue to 0448 422 422 now.

Tradies, here’s how ERC can help you get more jobs:

All you need to do get started is sign up to the i4T leads platform, which is FREE to get started.

When a new job request comes in, registered tradies in the locality can grab the job on a first come first served basis. Once you grab the job, a SMS will be sent to the customers confirming that you will be in touch shortly. You will then need to assign a tradie from your team for the job.

It’s that simple - rather than having to wait around for customers to find you through some other long winded ways, with the ease of using i4T ERC, they can easily gain access to your services.

Here’s how i4Tradies works for you:

To test drive ERC, click HERE.

About i4Tradies

i4Tradies is a cloud-based SaaS platform that streamlines the consumer journey for business owners, trades associations, facilities/property/strata managers, tradies and homeowners.

Having been endorsed via partnerships by the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), Master Plumbers and Master Painters, i4Tradies gives consumers the assurance and peace of mind by empowering them to find trustworthy, certified trades professionals easily and quickly.

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