The Most Random and Funniest Things Customers Have Given to Their Tradies

customer giving a box of things to tradie

If you are a Tradie yourself or know one, you would be no stranger to some weird things popping up in the house due to the courtesy of your customers.

Sometimes it’s really good stuff that the customer just didn’t want anymore. On other instances it would just be useless things that keep piling up in our garage or the backyard. And no, Stan won’t let me clean up or give that away.

So just when he brought home a kitten that one of his clients didn’t want to keep anymore, I talked to a few friends I was meeting for dinner last weekend, to know if someone else has experienced the same. I had no idea their answers would be so hilarious.


Swiss cheese, string of pearls, Viper’s bowstring and other plants often make way to our home. And I love them. But not so much when he brought the entire tree just because the homeowner thought he might as well get rid of it while the tradie was still there with a shovel.

Edibles and Alcohol

Homemade rum, beer, coffee, cheese, home-grown fruits & veggies, chocolates, sauces, pumpkin, honey. Sounds yum, right? Who doesn’t love a freebie until the customer also wants to pay the invoice in fish, eggs and bread?

Broken Furniture

We already have way too many things in our home that need to be fixed. Thinking that you can bring a broken office desk or a rocking chair and you will one day find time to fix it is just over-estimating your super powers.

Kids' Stuff

Children’s books, vitamins, tooth brushes, games, rain coat, swim suits, toys, baby powder, sun block and moisturizer. With a 3 and a 5 year old at home, it’s always a surprise waiting for the kids when daddy comes home.


Bunny, cat and a carpet python are some of things that have ended up in our home over the years as we are huge pet lovers. Some customers even go the extra mile to name their pet after you if you excuse and don’t take it home with you.

Wrapping up

Movie vouchers, tampons, orthotics, crutches, towels, line trimmer, wall art and just totally random stuff comes to my mind when I think of the things Stan has brought home from work. Some we have loved and actually used. Some has been collecting dust piled up in the garage to be used one day and some we have given away.

But I think it's a very kind gesture from our lovely customers and a sweet way to say thank you as long as we also get the invoice paid in full.

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