How i4T Consumers Works?

i4Tradies platform is designed to connect Trades Services Business Owners, on-the-road Tradies, Property Managers and Customers with a single cloud-integrated workflow and customer experience management software, accessible anywhere, anytime to deliver efficient, transparent, secure and complaint service every step of the way.

Building Brand Reputation & Trust

  • Transparent on business status & reputation
  • Listening to Customer Feedback in Real Time
  • Taking timely Corrective Actions with unhappy customers and underperforming staff
Building Brand Reputation

Business Process Visibility & Flexibility

  • Having visibility of every job in hand and Schedule Jobs in-line with customer Expectations and Demands
  • Engaging with customers during Job Progress from start to finish
  • Flexibility to fine-tune Delivery Parameters as per the customers’ Expectations and staff capabilities
Business Process Visibility

Meaningful Insights at Every Business Touch Point

  • Tracking Jobs Deliverables in real time
  • Allocating and Scheduling Jobs as per Staff availability
  • In control of the Cash Flow at all times
Business Insights

Generating Leads within the Target Market

  • Instant posting of completed jobs on your website to increase search ranking
  • Becoming i4Tradies “Preferred Tradie” and getting referred for new jobs
  • Instant Job Rating systems boosting Referrals and Leads
Generating Leads within the Target Market