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Darren Siemsen

Darren Siemsen

Master Licence Holder - i4T Oceania

I have a strong business background across a variety of fields including IT, Medical and Construction. For the past 20 years I have learned a lot and I have made countless mistakes. Leadership is the strength I value the most. Leading from the front and having the ability to do anyone’s job in the organisation gives me a unique perspective in helping people understand their potential and passion in life. This is done by listening and reflecting on your own behaviours so that the people around you and yourself can become the best person you can be.

Through creating innovative business improvements, change management techniques, authenticity, integrity, respect in the workplace. I can see a team adapt time and time again to achieve their potential and goals. Working with people that are willing to work on themselves gives me great motivation to continue to see the bigger picture.

I also believe that businesses can’t survive without collaborative relationships. I strongly see this is the future of how businesses will operate and form better strategic partnerships.