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Mike Boorn Plener

Mike Boorn Plener

Lead Advisor

Mike is a catalyst for change in people, organisations and markets. He has an uncanny ability to find value where nobody else sees it. He loves equally working on a strategic level, but always going into a deep dive to ensure the team can execute before proceeding. He is a business growth expert, marketer and systems person at heart.

Through his career he has achieved quite a variety of things

Mike built a niche-dominating software business into a personal lifestyle business that allowed him to earn multiple six figures on 20 hrs/ week

He has created a highly curated trusted network across Australia of some of the greatest specialist that can help growth businesses

He reworked one of the largest consumer databases in Australia ensuring the survival and flourishing of what is now a major retail chain

In the corporate world Mike spent 3 years in an M&A driven global software company learning first-hand how to harness hyper growth and successfully integrate one new company after another

In the late 90’s he built a software consulting company in a speciality niche and in just 18 months secured clients like NAB, CBA, Optus, KPMG, BHP and a string of other blue chips

Mike has been fortunate to connect with great people over the years. From casual conversations with Desmond Tutu in Canada, to running events for the Queen of Denmark at the age of 23, to a week in a small room with all the foreign ministers of EU. He has travelled over 30 countries and still travels.

Today Mike runs Catapult, a company that focuses on helping smaller entrepreneurial businesses grow rapidly through a highly curated approach to accelerated business growth. Through that he and his team help grow revenue, get systemised and raise capital.

Mike studied at the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School gaining a double degree. He’s passionate about business, food, travel and his family.