i4Tradies enables Trade Businesses to work with subcontractors

i4Tradies - Darren Siemsen, Geoffrey Massey, Sachi Wickramage & Logan Nathan
L to R : Darren Siemsen, Geoffrey Massey, Sachi Wickramage & Logan Nathan

Melbourne, Australia (February 23, 2021) - Tradies Software pty ltd., leading Customer Experience Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) company for the Trades Services Industry, announced a major enhancement to their business management software, i4Tradies.

The “i4Tradies Subcontractor Module” is the company’s most significant software experience enhancement since signing with Emergency Trades Services Pty Ltd (ETS) to become the i4T licence holder for the Oceania region.

Along with a range of additional features, the latest enhancement enables Trades Business owners to work directly with subcontractors, resulting in them being able to utilise the services of subcontractors along with their employees. Subcontractors include Tradies operating alone and those who provide handyman services.

Using the Subcontractor Module, Trades Business owners can request quotations for specific jobs, compare quotes and skill levels, approve, and assign the job to the best subcontractor.

With this strategic move, i4Tradies continues to revolutionise the lives of consumers. It also streamlines the repairs and maintenance workflows of aggregators such as real estate, strata, hotel and facilities management companies by making it faster and easier to access Trade Businesses near them. Trade Business, on the other hand, can better fulfill customer needs by drawing from a wider resource pool consisting of their own employees and subcontractors.

Commenting on the latest upgrade to i4Tradies, Darren Siemsen, Managing Director, Emergency Trades Services and Master Licence Holder, i4Tradies Oceania says, “Fulfilling our mission to be a truly 24/7/365 emergency trades service provider, we have been signing up several subcontractors to join the ranks of our 1,200+ Trade Businesses.”

The i4T Subcontractor module allows us to seamlessly integrate their services, thereby ensuring availability and fulfillment of anything from repairs and maintenance to handyman services across Australia and the Oceania region. I’m happy to report we’ve cast a wider net to grow our talent pool and now have the technological means to deliver outstanding service”, he added.

Logan Nathan, Founder and CEO of i4Tradies stated, “I believe that with the latest upgrades to key features and the enhancements to be announced in Q2 of 2021, the platform will be ready for its global launch beyond the Oceania region.”

About i4Tradies Pty Ltd.

i4Tradies (i4T) is a cutting-edge platform supporting the Australian Trades Services industry with the ultimate Customer Experience Management PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution to help businesses take back control of their day-to-day operations and build meaningful relationships with their consumers. Having identified the technology shortfalls and lack of an end-to-end approach to address service delivery loopholes, i4T bridges the gap amongst Property Management Companies, Trades Services Companies, Tradies, Subcontractors and end-consumers, with its holistic 360-degree approach to Customer Experience Management.

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About Emergency Trades Services Pty Ltd.

Emergency Trade Services (ETS) delivers high quality professional trades people at competitive rates for consumers across Australia. While covering a range of specialist trades, ETS also works with direct insurance claims, brokers, strata and corporate clients.

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