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Press Release - October 21, 2020 It's more than just an operating platform. It’s about building trust in the construction industry - it can be used to really connect people.” Darren Siemsen CEO Emergency Trades Services (ETS).

At the beginning of the year, things were looking good for i4Tradies. They had just on-boarded a large new client, had a number of others in the pipeline and big plans for expansion.

All that changed as everything was put on hold in March when COVID hit. CEO and Founder Logan Nathan says: “business revenue crashed by a staggering 80 per cent. It was like a brick had been dropped on us”.

Logan along with his co-founder Sachi Wickramage found themselves in a situation many businesses can relate to this year; walk away or get creative and think outside the square.

Choosing the latter, i4Tradies is now on the re-bound and the future looks bright – not only for the business but for the trades industry at large.

Transforming trades

During a time of restrictions, economic uncertainty and heightened anxiety, Darren says now more than ever, customers are looking for transparency, oversight of costs, quality workmanship and a simple, easy way to get the job done.

He believes one of the most positive aspects of i4Tradies is having transparency across the workflow, enabling everyone to have peace of mind.

“I don't think that's something we've ever seen anywhere in the construction industry to date. To have everything documented in a single system and be able to provide consistency of cost is just gold for us,” he says. “It allows us to build trust and strong relationships with our customers, as they have full oversight of the whole job.”

“It's more than just an operating platform. It’s about building trust in the construction industry - it can be used to really connect people.”

He adds, “It’s great for all of our customers, from residential to large corporates who, thanks to consistent pricing structures, are able to finalise their budgets or keep their spend low, which provides a better service and helps overcome a fear of cost.”

While trades and technology do not often get mentioned in the same sentence, Darren says he believes automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will transform the construction industry in the next 12-18 months and allow them to stay ahead of the curve.

“The industry is very much built on the labour component and getting the job done and done right.” He believes that’s the core focus,” to be able to organise things such as appointments, reports, invoicing all at the push of a button - or by talking to into a device - will be a game changer. Workers will not only have more time to focus on getting the job done, they will have more time with family and friends after work – not being tied down to the hours of admin that comes with the job.”

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