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Instead of being a traditional Tradie marketplace that merely lets you compare quotes and hire a tradie based on your location and requirements, i4T Consumers allows Trades Services customers to build mutually beneficial relationships with their providers through two-way communications, transparent billing and continual value addition and service improvement through real time feedback.

So how does i4T Consumers delivers that Peace-of-Mind you are looking for?
As a consumer, i4T Consumers lets you:

  • Find and connect with the best providers in your local area
  • Select Tradies based on transparent business credentials
  • Evaluate Tradies from honest and genuine customer reviews
  • Send job requests along with visual descriptions of the job
  • Receive instant response and approve quotes with ease
  • Keep informed on job progress via email, SMS and in-app notifications
  • Receive detailed electronic invoices as soon as job completes
  • Instantly pay your Tradie based on Job completion
  • Maintain job history and provide details to instantly reconnect with your credible Tradies for future jobs
  • Help the provider improve service through feedback using ratings and reviews
  • Share your jobs and experiences with friends and family on Social Media

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