Aussie Tradies share their stories, business challenges and life off-work

November 28, 2018
Steel fixer, Puna Ngarua is a true man of steel!
Being new to a country is hard enough. Top it with running your own trades company and raising kids with special needs, takes real strength...
September 26, 2018
Every setback is an opportunity to bounce back - The motivational story of Electrical Apprentice, Helen Yuen
If you think that you are too old to learn a new skill or your physical injury is the end of the world, take a leaf out of Helen’s book of inspiration...
August 17, 2018
From School Dropout to Successful Boss, the Journey of Veteran Brickie Rod Till
How are you supposed to feel when your school principal calls and tells you that you are not good enough to sit in the classroom anymore? For Rod, it was music to his ears...