Useful videos on how i4T Consumers can help your Trades Services Business Using our Tradies Software

i4T Consumers - The Intelligent Tradies Software Solution for Tradie Consumers

With so many Trades Service Providers in our local area offering the same services at more or less the same price, how can we tell if we are making the right choice when hiring a Tradie for our next home improvement job?

All of us have heard about ‘Unreliable Tradie’ stories so many times that none of us want to risk our time, money and most importantly entry to our property, when we are dealing with someone we don’t know.

But as a Tradie customer, our frustrations don’t end there! We don’t want to be blindfolded into our job progress and we certainly don’t want our feedback to be sidelined as just another customer complaint. We want to know exactly what we are paying for and if need be, we want to tell people close to us about our experience.