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Progressive Tradies understand the importance of living up to their customer’s expectations. As customers are becoming more tech-savvy, the pressure on businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences has become more pressing than ever.

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So how does i4MyBusiness help you improve your business and deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences at every touch point?
As a Trades Service Business Owner, i4MyBusiness lets you:

  • Seamlessly connect with potential customers
  • Fast and simple way to receive and respond to job requests
  • Process visibility across all jobs and for every employee
  • Access to business insights anywhere, anytime
  • On demand job allocation based on employee location tracking
  • Easy job scheduling and job management
  • Real-time on-site visual job recording
  • Performance evaluation via instant customer ratings and reviews
  • Electronic invoicing and payment
  • Lead generation through integrated social media sharing
  • Flexible and Scalable on-the-road work force based workload

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