5 Ways to Take Customer Relationship Management for Trades Services to The Next Level!

Customer Relationship Management


Are you looking for a way to turn potential customers into raving fans who are happy to tell the world how amazing your service is?

Would you like to spend more time on building stronger customer relationships than on the routine time consuming daily business tasks?

Do you want to boost employee performance and deliver a seamless experience to your customers with fast and reliable service every time?

If the answer to the above questions is a "YES", then read on!

If any of these questions ring a bell or sound too close to home, it’s about time to take a closer look at your business cash flows.

While the online landscape has brought Trades Services businesses closer to their customers, it’s still not enough! Just when you think you have done an amazing job with your website, you find ten others doing the same thing! You spend some blood and sweat getting a hard-earned positive customer feedback and you see your rivals simply buying them in bulk! You come up with a genius campaign and your competitors will steal it!

But one thing, that's neither for sale nor can be stolen is the priceless customer experience unique to your service alone!

In today's fast paced technology driven world, your ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience is pure gold and the one thing that can make you stand out! i4Tradies, a next generation Customer Experience Management solution, is a platform designed to help you achieve just that!

Establishing Business Credibility

An important part of creating trust around your Trades Services business is to be transparent. Your customers’ inability to check your business credentials such as ABN, licenses and certificates might establish your reputation as a non-trustworthy provider making it difficult for your customers to decide whether to hire you or not!

With i4Tradies, Trades Services customers can not only look up a provider’s business credentials before sending a service request, but when the Tradie arrives at job site, the customer can cross check their name and photo id sent by the provider minutes ago.

Quickly Responding To Service Requests

If you have lost way too many jobs just because of delay in responding to service requests, you are not alone!

Today's tech savvy customers want everything at their fingertips! Responding late to inquiries ruins their customer experience with your service and urges them to look for other providers, hence resulting in lost business!

As the ultimate Customer Relationship Management for Trades Services, i4Tradies not only prompts you as soon as a service requests comes in but also allows you to respond to it with all the details with a few taps on your mobile device. Customers can choose to accept or reject your offer instantly, making job scheduling much efficient and saving you heaps of time chasing customers.

Providing Upfront Honest Pricing

Upfront honest pricing with no hidden costs is a dream come true for Trades Services customers! However, not knowing the exact job nature, many Tradies are unable to price jobs accurately or invoice their customers in a transparent way giving rise to customer complaints and unfulfilled expectations!

i4Tradies allows customers to send exact job descriptions along with relevant images of the work that needs to be done, making it simpler for Tradies to access the job and provide actuate pricing.

Further, i4Tradies allows easy cash flow management for Tradies by letting them cost each item and service rendered in an electronic invoice making the entire customer experience highly transparent.

Involvement At Every Touch Point

Uncertainty around the job can be a leading cause of distrust and poor experience for Trades Services customers. Not knowing when a Tradie would arrive at your site or which stage of job completion he is on, blindfolds customer with respect to job progress and thus can be quite stressful to deal with.

i4Tradies Customer Relationship Management for Trades Services, helps Tradies to keep their customers in the loop at every stage of the job through push notifications on their mobiles as soon as the job begins until its completed, paid and closed!

This makes customers feel more in control of the work and enjoy the peace of mind while dealing with their Tradie, hence improving the overall service experience!

Ratings and Reviews

Genuine ratings and reviews can serve as a credible source of information for customers looking for reliable Tradies in their local area. The lack thereof can make finding good Tradies a tedious and time consuming task. But what if your customers can find hundreds of reviews from other customers a Tradie has served and can also leave their own reviews as soon as their job has been successfully completed by a given provider?

i4Tradies allows your customers to achieve just that, giving them the peace of mind knowing that they are hiring the right person for the job!

What's more, the reviews provide insights to Trades Services providers with respect to their service quality in order to improve and stay competitive.


CRM means different things for different businesses.

Customer Relationship management for Trades Services providers means building a sound business reputation, efficient service delivery, seamless communication throughout the job, transparent pricing and feedback management.

When done right, Trades Services are able to strengthen customer relationships, boost employee performance and delight customers to an extent that they would turn into brand advocates.

Are you a Trades Services Company seeking to improve your customers’ experience and develop meaningful long-term relationship with them? Feel free to get in touch with us and let us help you get started with i4Tradies!

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