Recent Job completed by P.A.D Plumbing & Maintenance Pty Ltd
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601 Keilor Rd, Niddrie VIC 3042
Trades Job Request
Urinal is continually flushing , appears something wrong with the cistern buttons and flushing device. Floor Waste drain in kitchen partially blocked and is backing up with water
Before Starting the Job
After Job Completion
Trades Job Completed Note
Urinal that was constantly running has been fixed, the float valve within the cistern was jammed causing the water to over flow, this was serviced. We also attended to a Loose basin tap in male toilet upstairs. re tightened this tap and is now secure Blocked floor waste in kitchen was cleared plunging number of times and by loosening blockage with hand drain auger flushing free with boiling water. All clear and draining well
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