Enhancing Trades Services Business FLEXIBILITY

Enhancing Trades Services Business FLEXIBILITY


When it comes to Trades Services, FLEXIBILITY remains critical to providing a high-quality customer experience. Beyond the simple functionality of email and simple transactional apps, forward-thinking trades services business owners need an end-to-end solution that can transform their business and bring it fully into the digital age, taking advantage of emerging technology solutions to the fullest extent possible.

With concepts like BYOD (bring your own device) becoming more common place, devices that facilitate social networking, deeper business insights and cloud technologies need to support mobility as well as data security needs for on-the-road tradies while being user-friendly at the same time.

Let me use the acronym DIGITAL to explain these in more detail:

This means providing Australian Tradies not only with devices they can use on-the-go but also the supporting apps that enhance service delivery process at every step to strengthen customer relationships. One such solution is offered by Microsoft Surface devices equipped with i4Tradies – a Customer Experience Management platform developed to achieve incredible business results.

Having worked closely with several Australian Tradies to achieve this goal, let’s dig deeper into how the Microsoft Surface-i4Tradies combo is bringing more FLEXIBILITY to a leading Plumbing Services provider in Melbourne, PAD Plumbing.



As trades services business owners scramble to manage their tradies movements between head office and job locations, time continues to be an asset that’s hardly ever on their side.

With Microsoft Surface loaded with a state-of-the-art Customer Experience Management solution, business owners need to spend less time on managing their staff and more time growing their leads.

Microsoft Surface was the right choice for us. As we were already undergoing a shift to a paperless system thanks to i4Tradies, we found this the perfect hardware to support us as we grow. It’s now become a vital part of our business – it really came at the perfect time for us and now we know we can change our business for the better, ” – says Paul, owner of PAD Plumbing.



For business owners who need to split their time between the field and the office, convenience is key!

While the use of traditional laptops in the field is nothing new, carrying them around can be anything but convenient.

As part of PAD Plumbing’s digital transformation journey they knew mobility and ease of use were top priorities. With the right hardware and software in place, their attention could be where it needed to be – focused wholly on providing extraordinary customer experiences.

With Surface Pro, its hybrid design offers the convenience of a tablet and functionality of a laptop, delivering the perfect 2 in 1 experience that Paul wanted for his office staff on-the-go.



Timely engagement with your customers can be all the difference you need to grow online!

Engagement with Trades Services customers on key social media platforms means allocating additional budget to develop and maintain social presence and handle various accounts.

With Microsoft Surface high quality camera combined with i4Tradies live job recording capability, Tradies can take before and after images on the job site and post it on social media in real time.

“We have saved so much time and effort by leveraging the i4Traides social media engagement features, and the Surface is the tool we want to roll out right across our workforce.” explains Paul.



When it comes to digital technology, the Trades Services sector in Australia still lags behind other industries.

This presents an exceptional opportunity for forward looking businesses to fill the customer experience gap with new technological leaps, with hardware and software upgrades.

For PAD Plumbing the combo of Surface Pro devices and i4Tradies was just what they needed.

“Not only does it help us position ourselves better in the industry as a technologically advanced plumbing company, but the efficiencies we reap from it lets us become more productive in the field and deliver better customer service across every touchpoint,” Paul Dorian , who owns PAD Plumbing (a Melbourne based Trades services business) said sharing his experience.



Irrespective of the industry you belong to, if you stop innovating, you risk your competitors getting ahead of you!

In Australia, augmented and virtual reality is making huge waves in the Trades Services Sector, helping tradies experience virtual tours of construction sites and combine 3D plans with GPS location data to study various installation stages for a given job they are working on.

Australia’s Trades Services sector is no different! That’s why PAD Plumbing decided to come up with a way that would revolutionize not just the way its on-the-road Tradies work but also to completely change the way their customers can find them and stay in touch throughout the job.

“Using i4Tradies on Microsoft Surface takes our customer experience to a whole new level. The amazing graphics of Surface Pro allows us to showcase our latest 3d work samples for bathroom and kitchen renovation projects on job site through the tablet. This allows our customers to choose from a wide variety of options to match their own needs. Meanwhile, the i4Tradies app lets us evaluate our customer satisfaction after a job is completed through instant ratings and reviews. It’s a win-win across the board, ” Paul added.



A truly flexible device bridging the gap between a laptop and a tablet!

Microsoft Surface offers a detachable keyboard that can cling to the screen with a magnet making it a fully functional laptop or removed when you don’t need to carry it around. The long battery life combined with it super strong glass display makes it the ideal device to take on the job.

“Bumps and drops happen all the time in the field, but when used with its rugged protective cover, Surface Pro seems to be immune to all that!” says Paul.



With all the business and customer data on one portable device, do you fear precious information falling into wrong hands?

Having all information on a secure cloud platform such as i4Tradies, further protected by Windows Hello facial authentication services to access the device, makes it the ideal device to carry in the field, without risking confidential customer data and critical business documents.



An important aspect of the service delivery process is to develop a long-term relationship with the customers and suppliers so they will work with you in the future too!

With Microsoft Surface geared with i4Tradies, keeping your customers in the loop with respect to the entire job progress, is now a matter of a few simple clicks on your hybrid device.



For on-the-road Australian Tradies the ability to seamlessly integrate various business apps into one platform is liquid gold!

Microsoft Surface  fully supports such an integration allowing PAD Plumbing managers to communicate with field staff and back, electronically bill the customers, manage customer relationships and maintain service history from a consolidated i4Tradies platform.



With your team dispersed across different locations, being able to stay connected can reap benefits beyond imagination.

With i4Tradies ability to generate auto reports based on job and customer history, Australian Tradies no longer need to lose weeknights and weekends getting to main office to discuss business progress.

“Since deploying Microsoft Surface devices sharing charts, spreadsheets and blueprints with the team is now a breeze. Built-in apps such as Skype for Business and Microsoft Office makes sharing ideas more convenient than ever!” says Paul.



Wouldn’t it be great to be able to save more hours per job by equipping your tradies the tools to become more productive?

PAD Plumbing was able to unlock the greatest efficiencies by deploying Microsoft Surface to run its Customers Experience Management platform. From quickly assigning jobs and dispatching tradies from anywhere, to updating day to day business data collected in the field, invoicing clients on job site and responding to customer requests in a timely fashion, the yield or on-field productivity for PAD plumbing has increased exponentially as a result.



For Australian Trades Services companies to continue to be relevant to their target customers, gearing themselves up with the latest technology hardware and software is vital to stay ahead of the curve.

Hybrid devices such as Microsoft Surface combined with game-changing technology delivered by i4Tradies Customer Experience Management software not only means an efficient and streamlined approach to service delivery but also better customer satisfaction every time!

Are you too seeking to reap the same efficiencies for your Trades Services business? Let Microsoft Surface and i4Tradies transform the way you work!

Brought to you by Microsoft Surface.

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Logan Nathan

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