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As a solo Tradie it can be hard to build a solid reputation and grow your customer base. However, i4MyJobs serves as the perfect launching pad for new and upcoming Tradies in search of stable source of income along with the convenience to work on your own terms as a permanent full-time, part-time and/or casual employee or as a freelancer.

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So how does i4MyJobs help you get better organised and find more Jobs?
As a Tradesperson, i4MyJobs lets you:

  • Find and connect with multiple Trades Services Companies to get more work
  • Bid for jobs based on your own convenience and availability
  • Utilise your time and skills to full capacity
  • Learn and develop new trades skills in your area of interest
  • Save time spent traveling to main office to get new jobs assigned
  • Keep your employers informed on each stage of job progress
  • Get customers to rate your individual job performance

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