How Technology is Transforming the Lives of Australian Tradies

How Technology is Transforming the Lives of Australian Tradies

Let me share with you a typical Tradie’s tale in three words!

Overworked, Anonymous and Cash-Strapped!

In today’s tech driven world, a Trades Services Business Owner (otherwise known as Tradie) wakes up to the sound of his/her smartphone going berserk with notifications from several apps. They are confused regarding job priority for the day, which leads to follow or which employees to assign new jobs. Of course they can invoice customers electronically but their data for completed jobs lies in a different platform! They need to evaluate employee performance but that means going through their time sheets, customer feedback sites and the accounting system one by one. Their insights into monthly profitability are limited and they have no time to promote those wonderfully completed jobs on digital marketing channels unless they rely on a digital marketing partner who understands the heartbeat of their business.

In short, a typical Tradie’s day is doomed before it has even begun!
Fortunately, it does not have to be this way!

Having worked closely with many Trades Services Business Owners for over a decade and having witnessed the challenges they are facing,

We have come up with a digital solution that will keep an i4Tradies!

That’s right! i4Tradies is a second-generation cloud-based Customer Experience Management solution, which my team and I have developed,

For Tradies seeking process visibility and flexibility, valuable business insights, cashflow management, stronger business
reputation, customer engagement and targeted leads through referrals, all from one place.

Tradies seeking process

Today, progressive Tradies find the traditional way of running their day to day operations, measuring performance and generating leads all too overwhelming

While Tradies are becoming tech-savvy, the software they have adopted addresses only part of the problem, providing them with discreet benefits rather than a holistic solution.

What Tradies need is tangible results from the efficiencies and cost-saving injected into their processes! That’s where i4Tradies comes into play!

i4Tradies has now been released in the market, on-boarding small to mid-sized well established Trades Services companies in Australia and expanding its reach to include plumbers, electricians, general cleaners, gardeners, landscapers, carpenters and professionals belonging to various other trades.We believe in improving our technology platform further as we continue to receive feedback from our existing clients.

This will allow Tradies to unleash the full potential of i4Tradies and to Digitally Transform Their Business Across At Every Customer Touch-point.

We therefore welcome anyone interested in having a discussion with us to learn more about how i4Tradies is helping Australian Trades Services generate new leads, streamline process and build stronger brand reputation!

Feel free to get in touch with us today!

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Logan Nathan

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Logan Nathan

Founder i4Tradies | Digital Transformation Specialist | Microsoft Australia Brand Ambassador